With So Many Translation Agencies Out There, How Do I Pick the Right One?

A quick online search will show you that there are thousands of translation services out there. They all promise the best quality, lowest price and quickest turnarounds. So how can you narrow down your choice to the ones that can really deliver on their promises?

How to Choose a Translation Service Agency

1.  First Impressions

First of all, what’s your first impression? Does the agency’s website bespeak professionalism? Is the text free of spelling and grammar errors? The writing must be impeccable. After all, a translation agency is in the language business.

2. Response Time

And if you communicate with the agency, what is its response time? You should receive a reply within a few hours. The response should be polite and never pushy. Akin to law and accounting, translation is a professional service. It should come across that way.

3. List of Clients/Testimonials

Now have a close look at the agency’s list of clients. Do you recognize any reputable blue-chip companies in its list of customers? And very importantly, do you see any companies which represent your specific industry? Does the agency show testimonials from any of those major industry players? If it does, it is a good sign. It means that this translation agency has performed work for companies who care about their reputation, their image and understand that good quality translation is a worthy investment.

4. Pricing

And the last clue to the best translation service is its pricing. If you ask for a quote from several agencies and there is one quote that comes in significantly cheaper than the others, beware. Good translation with a proper quality procedure behind doesn’t come cheap. If you want to have the best translators represent you accurately in another language, you need to be prepared to pay for it.

So now, you have the information to help you discern which translation service will be a good fit for you or your company.

Need Exceptional Translation Services?

A+  Translations is a translation agency based in Vancouver Canada. We ensure that quality and integrity always comes first for all of our translation services.

From mining, to gambling, to financial translations, we provide expert translators that are finely tuned to your target industry, audience, and region. All of our translators are experts in their respective fields.

Please contact us or request an online quote to learn more and get started!

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