Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, we’ve seen such cases over and over again. Sometimes a text was machine-translated, or it was done by a mediocre translator. We can edit or rewrite it, as needed, so that you have a polished translation done by a professional.

Every week, we handle gaming projects in all European and Asian languages. 

We work with up to 45 languages on a regular basis.

Very much so. Please send your document over and we will let you know within the hour whether we can commit. We will only commit if we are sure we can deliver on time.

First of all, confidentiality is intrinsic to the translation profession. 

Secondly, we are always happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients. 

The translators we work with are also bound by an NDA when working with us.

Consider it done! We will start out by transcribing your video. We will then time-code and translate the script. Finally, the translation will be integrated into a subtitle and it will be ready for viewing by your foreign audience!

Absolutely! We have been providing translations to businesses in Canadian French for two decades using Quebec native translators.

Leave it with us. Once we commit, you WILL get it done on time. A project of this size and within this timeline is challenging but it can be done using our service.

We can translate and deliver a printer-ready file in almost any language you need.

At this time, we do not provide voice-over services.