Canadian French Translation Services

Canadian French Translation Services

Our Canadian based APlus Translations Agency provides a wide range of high quality Canadian French Translation Services.

You might have web content, press releases, flyers, letters, menus, slogans, brochures, scientific, technical, legal, or simply emails that you want translated in Canadian French or English. For all of your French to English and English to French translation services, we guarantee you can rely on the Translators on our team. 

Our Guarantee

Our industry leading translation process guarantees that all of our translations are expertly done, quality assured, and completed within your deadline — however urgent. 

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Why Canadian French Translation Services are Globally Valuable

Until only a century ago, French was arguably the most influential language in the world and used as the international language of diplomacy. From the 17th to early 20th century any person with claims to being educated had to speak French, and it was used as the lingua franca in European social circles.

While English has now taken over as the world’s lingua franca, French is holding steady as the second most influential language in the world. It is the primary language of around 100 million people and the second language of a further 200 million. After English, French is the second most studied foreign language globally, and there are at least 30 countries worldwide where French is required or accepted for conducting business. 

Our Canadian French Translation Services

Quebec is a Canadian province where French is required by law. French is the only official language of Quebec and as such there are legal English to French Translation requirements codified to ensure that this situation is respected.

Francophones living in Quebec have the right to speak, work and be served in French. This means that any company operating in Quebec must be able to meet these conditions, or else go through a process called francization in order to comply. Francization can be very involved depending on how well your business is set up to be localized into French. It can be as simple as translating packaging or as complicated as localizing your brand, website, marketing and entire human resources material. 

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