Mining Translations

Translation services in the mining and geological sector in every niche area

APlus Translations Company is pleased to offer our valued clients in the mining, energy, and geological sectors world leading translation services.

Rest assured your project will get done right the first time, on time, so you can focus on other priorities. 

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Renewable Green Energy Translation and Localization Services

Our specialized translators make all the difference.

Hiring professional translators with industry expertise is extremely important to our translation agency.
Count on our carefully selected team to be familiar with business activities and current terminology employed within the mining and geological industry in the following areas:  

  • Mining equipment including excavation, drilling, securing, ventilation, sealing, water control and exploration equipment
  • Chemicals used for mining and other commercial applications
  • Mining explosives including initiating and blast based systems
  • Mining hazards and safety measures
  • Mining techniques including quarrying, strip, open cut, borehole, underground and other methods
  • Geological studies and techniques
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering
  • Information technology and software systems for the mining industry 

We also translate industry-specific documents to your exact specifications including: 

  • Press releases and copywriting services
  • Investor communications
  • Technical brochures or manuals
  • Finacial translation services
  • Website translations
  • Software localization services
  • Marketing translation services
  • Quebec French translation services 
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