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Video games today constitute an industry worth over 130 billion dollars with thousands of developers around the world.  Video game localization is at the core of this expanding market. Localization is the process of preparing a video game software and hardware for sale in a new region or country. It entails translating game text, art assets, creating new packaging and manuals, cutting out portions of game due to cultural differences and even adding sections to replace those cut parts. 

At APlus Translations, we have built a team of experienced gaming translators who work in over 40 languages to localize your video games. We have the expertise to ensure that they are perfectly localized for your new target market. We localize the entire gamut of video games genres, including sandbox, real-time strategy (RTS), shooters (FPS and TPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), role-playing (RPG, ARPG), simulation and sports, party games as well as action-adventure.

So if you wish to increase your profits by marketing your games to a new territory, count on APlus as a partner in the localization process to get you in the game!

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