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Scientific & Medical Translation Services

Translate your healthcare communications with technical, scientific accuracy. APlus Translations Agency is pleased to offer our clients in the medical science industry with translation services that meet the most stringent technical requirements.

With meticulous attention to detail, our highly qualified medical translators are carefully selected to handle your technical,
regulatory, clinical, scientific, or marketing documents. 

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Medical Translation Services

Translating medical documents is perhaps the most challenging of all translations. A medical translator must be highly specialized with a strong medical science background to be able to understand a document before translating. A solid understanding of medical terminology and scientific practice, along with professional writing skills, are essential. Moreover, a healthcare translator must ensure document localization reflects cultural sensitivity and is adapted to meet literacy levels. Whether it’s English to French medical translation or Chinese to English medical translation APlus Translations Agency in Vancouver Canada has you covered!

Translation of health documents is highly sensitive. Pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturers, biotech companies and managers in the healthcare field rely on our system of checks and balances to deliver clear and accurate medical translations. 

Today more than ever localization of medical documents is important.

With the range of low cost medical treatments abroad and the rise of medical tourism, many people are taking advantage of health services outside of their country. From reviewing a patient’s history to documenting test results, all documents require professional translation. 

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Our specialized and handpicked translators in the medical and health

Science sector make all the difference. They are adept at translating a wide range of technical, scientific, and medical documents which include (but are not limited to): 

  • Medical Questionnaires
  • Informed Consent Translations
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Medical Records Translations
  • Member Handbooks
  • Translating Medical Equipment Manuals
  • Multilingual Website Translation Services 
  • Patient Education
  • Healthcare Brochures Translations
  • Medical Research Studies
  • Healthcare Signage
  • Medical Instructions
  • Scientific Translations 

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