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Cryptofans and hodlers, brace yourselves for disappointment because you’re not going to like the answer. No one knows. Read that again, take it to heart, force yourself to believe it. No one knows. Not the YouTube crypto guru showing off his lambo. Not Elon Musk. Not even the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin himself, Satoshi.

Since the 2020 lows, the price of Bitcoin has increased by over 1500%. Ethereum over 3800%. If you’d invested $300 USD in Dogecoin in January, four months later you’d be sitting on almost $50,000. That kind of meteoric rise in any asset class means the bubble is about to pop and a soul-crushing crash is imminent, right?

I have to say it again –  The answer is that no one knows. Anything else is conjecture, wishful thinking, or someone making bold claims trying to boost their Twitter following.

Could the US Fed and European Central Bank announce that fiat is dead and BTC shoot to a million? Maybe. Could they announce they’re going to fully regulate blockchain and the price plummet? Also maybe.

Here’s the interesting thing though – In the big picture, the answer to this question doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the fact that cryptocurrencies have proven that they are here to stay.

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Price goes up, price goes down, crypto currency only moves forward.

So if the answer doesn’t matter, maybe we need a better question. Here are a couple –

“Will cryptocurrencies be a major part of the global economy in the future?”

Yes. With a current total market cap of over 2.3 trillion dollars, they’re a major part of it now. The global financial system has already begun to change.

“Are governments and corporations taking crypto seriously?”

Yes, finally. For years the government tried to paint blockchain and crypto as everything from a criminal money-laundering operation to a get-rich-quick scheme. The elephant in the room finally got too big to ignore though, and governments have woken up to the true significance of blockchain and digital currencies. Singapore, Ecuador and China have already issued their own national cryptocurrencies. Major corporations have also jumped on the opportunity. Tesla, for example, invested $1.5 billion into Bitcoin itself, with plans to start accepting it as payment.

“Can I make money with cryptocurrencies?”

YES. But not just in the buy and hold sense.

Crypto Currency: “Only a sucker would chase it, and only a fool would ignore it.”

Governments and corporations are no longer ignoring it. Entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies can reap the benefits as well. With a  global digital currency, there is a lot of money to be made in a lot of different countries.

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