Do I Really Need to Pay for the Full Service, including Separate Proofreading?

The top agencies which care about quality of translation, will ensure that every document is translated by one linguist, and proofread by another.  You may wonder if this is necessary and if you really need to pay for this full service.  After all, you may consider that the translator should be proofreading his/her own work and therefore eliminating the need for a separate professional.

Indeed, in an ideal world, one person should be able to deliver a perfectly done translation. Yet, similarly to writers needing editors, translators could let some minor errors slip in despite a thorough review of their own work. By collaborating with a proofreader and his/her fresh set of eyes, the translator will ensure that the document is accurate, stylistically appropriate, and grammatically correct.  This is extremely important as you really want the content that you publish to represent you in professional manner. Translation blunders can be extremely costly not only money-wise, but also where your reputation is concerned.

Having said this, there are cases, where you would want to request translation without separate proofreading, thus reducing the cost of the service.  Let’s say that you simply need a document translated in order to know what it is saying. It will serve internally as a reference for your organization.  In such a case, it is perfectly recommendable to save yourself some money and request a basic translation only.

Need Exceptional Translation Services?

A+  Translations is a translation agency based in Vancouver Canada. We ensure that quality and integrity always comes first for all of our translation services.

From mining, to gambling, to financial translations, we provide expert translators that are finely tuned to your target industry, audience, and region. All of our translators are experts in their respective fields.

Please contact us or request an online quote to learn more and get started!

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