Why Do I Need an Energy Business Translation Company?

You know what solar energy is, right? Ask a second-grader what it is, and even they would be able to tell you something like “getting energy from the sun.” And that’s correct. What is wind energy? Maybe a fourth-grader would say, “getting power from the wind, like windmills and stuff.” Also good. Do you know what biofuels are? Maybe a high schooler would say, “A type of natural fuel, from plants or animals.” Excellent.

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What is Solar Energy / Green Engery?

Believe it or not, there are billions of people who have no idea what those solar energy terms mean. How is that possible? Green energy is supposedly transforming the world. And what’s even more incredible is that there are millions of people who work in those very industries who don’t know those terms either. There are people working at a hydroelectric plant who don’t know what a dam is. Maybe they don’t even know the word “water!”

How could this be? Well, since you’re reading this on a green energy translations website, you’ve probably figured out my little gag, but let me explain it a little more for those who aren’t as quick as you.

Green Energy

There’s a local guy working maintenance at the Salto Grande Hydroelectric Power Plant in Uruguay. Is he going to know the word “dam?” Maybe not. Is he going to know “represa” the Spanish word for dam? Yes, absolutely.

So by now, everyone has gotten my little joke of how people in different places speak different languages. Haha, so what? Well my point is that if you or your company are only providing materials in English or Spanish or Mandarin, you’re missing not only potential foreign markets, but also an opportunity to clearly express your message, to show your company’s international savvy and attention to detail, and to connect with your foreign employees.

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Companies often make the mistake of relying on one or two multilingual liaisons to bridge the gap between languages and cultures that can be vastly different. The best companies do not try to fill those gaps through a small bilingual team and Google Translate. Providing well-translated materials in a local language shows not only that you value the local culture, but that you are willing to go the extra mile to do business there. If you are looking for green energy translations or an environmental translation company, look no further than APlus Translations.

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