How Can a Translation Agency Help Build Your Own Team of Translators

If your company is handling a large volume of translations on a regular basis, you may want to set up your own team of translators. However, if you have never worked within the translation industry, the recruitment of professionals, which is detrimental to the success of this endeavor, can prove difficult. This is where a translation agency can help.

First Step: Finding The Right Translators

The first step in setting up your own translation team, whether it be internal or virtual, is to find the right translators. And they are not exactly lining up. Mediocre translators abound. But really excellent ones are usually quite busy and demand high pay. A translation agency is accustomed to navigating the translator marketplace and have a recruitment process in place to ensure that the linguists they select are top notch professionals. And they can help you with this part of the translation team building process.

Second Step: Communicate Your Needs To A Translation Agency

So what you need to do is communicate your needs to a translation agency. Which languages do you require? What type of expertise or industry should the translators be familiar with? What is the frequency of your requests? Once an translation agency has this information, they can set out on the search. They will then preview dozens of CV’s, perform telephone interviews and test the candidates. This may take a few weeks, but you will be sure to end up with a strong team of professionals who will provide you with superb service for years to come.

Third Step: Get A Translation Agency To Test Each Candidate

Alternatively, you can also try to find your own translators directly and then request an agency to vet them for you. The agency will then test each candidate and provide you with very detailed evaluations of their performance on the basis of which you will be able to make the best decision for your translation needs.

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