The Green Energy Revolution Has Passed the Tipping Point – Which Industries Will Be Affected?

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Renewable Green Energy

APlus Translations, a green energy translations company, explains why.

Fossil fuels are running out, and savvy businesses are running towards the alternatives. Just as horse-drawn carts gave way to the Model T, landlines gave way to cellphones, and everything gave way to the internet, fossil fuels are falling out of favor as superior technology emerges.

Transition to Renewable Energy – A New Energy Source

The transition to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydrogen power has not been an easy one. Over the span of decades, corporations and the global economy became reliant on oil, coal and gas. The pushback against renewable energy sources has been significant, and even today some try to deny the fact that the world is changing.

Lobbyists and others who want to maintain the smoggy status quo will say, “Oil isn’t going anywhere. People have been claiming fossil fuels were on their way out since the ‘70s.” Not true. Scientists and petroleum engineers have been saying that for much longer. And the green revolution itself has been gaining momentum since the mid-‘60s, when many countries hit their peak reliance on fossil fuels (94% in the US, for example). Since then, there has been a steady shift to more long-term, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Why The Renewable Engergy Change Now?

So why is the change happening now? In short, because it has to. Current estimates give the world about 100 more years’ worth of natural gas. Oil and coal have half that. And if the switch isn’t made now, continued damage to the environment via fossil fuels would make those last few years quite miserable for every single one of us.

Which industries will be affected by this shift to renewable energy? Literally every industry that uses electricity.  

Where Is This Happening?

China is currently the world’s leading producer of solar and wind energy. Other countries, such as Costa Rica and Norway, are already at nearly 100% renewable energy usage. US companies like Microsoft and Google are spending billions on research. All EU member states have signed a directive for renewable energy goals that must be met by the year 2030. That is a lot of countries, and a lot of different languages.

Experienced Renewable Energy Translation Company

Are you already involved in the renewable energy sector and looking for specialized translators and language experts? Then make sure that you are contracting an experienced renewable energy translation company.

Are you in another field, but want to make sure your business takes advantage of this shift? Want to leverage multiple languages and cultures? Then you should make plans for your green energy translation services now.

Green Energy Translation Services

APlus Translations recognizes the green energy revolution as a truly global movement, one that will eventually involve nearly every language on the planet. The company has put together a team of specialists in green energy translations that is prepared to help your company succeed in this new era.

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