A Company That Eats Together, Sticks Together

At APlus Translations, every Christmas Santa Claus appears under the guise of an animated Power Point Presentation which outlines the business statistics of the preceding year and then delves into the fun stuff. Where on earth (literally) is APlus staff going to meet up in the following year? That’s a question that Santa has addressed three years in a row.

You see, all of our project management staff is spread out across the globe to cover various time zones and best accommodate our clients. But this means, that we are physically disconnected and the majority of our communication takes place over Skype and email, a trend interrupted by the occasional phone call. So, once a year, we travel to a place chosen by a lottery or decision made by employees to spend a few days together.

This year, APlus met in San Francisco.  We shut down shop for a week and boarded planes from as far as Warsaw, Barcelona, Manchester and as close as Vancouver, and headed for California. And then, San Fran, already a marvelous city, just got a little bit more fun.  Honestly, when we meet on these trips, it is not about work at all. So, with the exception one or two short meetings, there was very little mention of translation at all.  This escapade was more about taking the ferry to Sausalito, going on an amazing food tour, trying a game of golf, biking the hills and washing it all down with a few too many glasses of Napa Valley wine.

I find that these types of company trips are great for rebuilding connection and a sense of well-being within the company and carry us through the months that follow, punctuated by hundreds of translation projects under strict deadlines.

Best of all? Christmas will be here in no time, and who knows what Santa will have in store for next year! The world is a big place!

(From Left to right: Nathan (owner’s son), Viena (owner), Rob (tech assistant and PM), Albert (PM), Iwona (PM). Missing is Vasily who was unable to join us. )
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