You are in the Car Business. You need some automotive translation work done. Then there is one thing you absolutely need to ask a Translation Agency before you hire them!

Automotive Translation Services

First of all don’t be swayed by the common promises of perfect translation at the best price. You could very well end up driving away with a lemon of a translation. Put on the brakes and dig deeper.

The automotive sector is a very specialized area that comes equipped with its own terminology that only insiders will understand. You need to ensure that whoever will be translating your content is fluent in car lingo; that they know what a ZEV is, and what the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger is.

Car Industry Translation Services

The car industry is also big money. We are not talking about trinkets made for a summer fair. Automobiles, its parts, its marketing, rental, ownership are all expensive affairs. And so if you are going to translate automotive content, it needs to be done right. The first time.

So, how do you determine whether a translation agency has the right translators for your automotive content? First, you ask them who is going to translate the documents. They will likely not divulge the name of the translator, which is understandable, but they can tell you a lot about the person’s expertise. Perhaps the translator is a mechanical engineer. Perhaps he or she had worked at VW as an internal translator for 6 years. Maybe, the person is a car buff and has done nothing but car-related translations throughout his linguistic career! This is all good information to have. You could even request a blind CV of the translator they would use on your content.

Then, do one more thing: ask for samples of and references related to that person’s work. What do you then do with those samples? Well, ideally, you have someone who works with you who can review the samples and approve of the translations. Or not. If the agency provides you a reference that can attest to their automobile translations, that’s a great a sign.

Once you are satisfied by having a pretty good idea of who will be translating your documents, and if all the other elements of the contract look good, I would say you are ready to give the agency the green light.

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