Many cryptocurrency supporters were drawn to the realm for the very fact that cryptocurrencies are under the rule of no national government. They are not controlled by Wall Street or Bay Street. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized in the true sense of the word, and proponents claim they are one of the last few ways in which the everyman, no matter where he was born, can fight back against the disparity of wealth.

But are cryptocurrencies truly international?

While their popularity certainly is, their legality is not. China has recently stated (again) that Bitcoin is prohibited and has been cracking down on miners. Financial institutions are forbidden from conducting Bitcoin transactions, and exchanges are illegal. Ecuador, Egypt and Pakistan have all enacted similar policies. And that has of course led to a surge in popularity of other cryptocurrencies, not to mention pesky underground Bitcoin scenes.

On the other side of the spectrum, countries like Nigeria have fully embraced cryptocurrencies, with nearly 1/3 of its population either having owned or used a cryptocurrency in 2020. The Philippines and Vietnam also boast more than 20% usage, while most other countries clock in at a more modest range between 3% and 7%.

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Are cryptocurrency translations required for an app or innovation?

The coding itself is going to be in a computer language, and many of those do come from non-English speaking countries. Python, for example, is from the Netherlands. Ruby was developed in Japan. Despite their native countries, however, these languages still use English-based keywords. Do all programming languages use English keywords? No. Do the most common and popular ones? Right now, definitely.

So English is almost certainly required at some step of the project, but that definitely does not mean that everyone involved with cryptocurrency knows English. There are massive online forums, YouTube channels, and of course potential markets that are in a multitude of different languages, usually with a little English sprinkled in. So the number of languages you want to take advantage of is really only limited by the scope of your project and how many people you want to reach.

Crypto Currency Translations Services

If you want to maximize your company’s potential and make the most of cryptocurrencies’ rising international prominence, make sure you have a trusted cryptocurrency translation company like APlus Translations.

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