What Will Bitcoin Be Worth in the Year 2026?

Finance’s Biggest Names Give their Takes

Despite the many real-world benefits touted by Bitcoin proponents, most speculators and everyday retail investors are really interested in just one thing: How much money can I make from Bitcoin? And if you listen to the the thousands of cryptocurrency experts, ranging from MBA analysts at JP Morgan to YouTube’s self-proclaimed financial gurus streaming from their bedrooms, you will get thousands of different answers. Here are predictions from four of finance’s most famous individuals on just how high Bitcoin will climb.

Our Views on Cryptocurrency

Fund manager Cathie Wood is known for her uber-optimistic valuations of what she believes to be market disruptors. One of her boldest, and most widely-mocked, claims was her 2018 prediction that Tesla would explode 1,100% to reach a share price of $4,000 USD by 2023. To almost everyone’s surprise, and accounting for stock splits, she was in fact proven correct two years ahead of schedule. Her view on Bitcoin by 2026? An eye-catching $500,000. That means that $100 invested in Bitcoin today would be worth $2,564 in 2026.

Two financial experts film fans may recognize have also shared their views on Bitcoin, though they’ve provided more flexible timelines. Jordan Belfort and Michael Burry, portrayed by Hollywood in The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, respectively, have both made their cases for Bitcoin. Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street himself, previously said that Bitcoin would be worthless in a few years, but now believes that it will hit $100,000 this decade. Burry has provided a more short-term price prediction, expecting Bitcoin to drop to $10,000 this year alone.

And finally there is Dan Peña, multi-millionaire oil man, business magnate, and author of Your First Hundred Million, who has proclaimed quite loudly that Bitcoin “is going to [expletive] zero!” He has gone on to say that getting rich from Bitcoin would be “like finding a $1,000 dollar bill in the street” and believes that cryptocurrencies were developed by Vladimir Putin as a way to sabotage the global economy. 

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