Red Flags When Choosing a Translation Agency

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High quality translation services

How To Choose a Translation Agency

A quick internet search will present potential translation clients with an almost overwhelming number of options to choose from. Do you go with the company with the flashy website showing what appears to be a fashion model “working” on his laptop under the Eiffel Tower? Or do you go with the seemingly amazing deal that is four times cheaper than you’d expected? There are a lot of options to choose from, and sometimes the best way to get what you want is to first rule out what you do NOT want.

Below are four red flags to be wary of when looking for reliable translation services.

  1. You’re quoted a price that is way below market value.

Everyone loves a good deal, but you get what you pay for. Often coupled with outrageously low prices is the promise of a near-instantaneous return of the finished product. All this “deal” means is they’re feeding your documents into a machine and emailing them right back to you with no quality control or review. It’s not going to be the best translation. It’s going to be a terrible translation.

  • The website has grammatical errors.

Some people can disregard the occasional typo and don’t want to be too “nit-picky.” I can assure you that professional translators are not those people. We obsess over that kind of thing, and the mere thought of delivering something with typos in it can cause panic attacks and sleepless nights. If a company’s website reads like a Nigerian prince phishing scam, then you’re not dealing with a professional.

  • The company uses the same person to go from Language A to Language B, and vice versa.

There is a common misconception that if a person knows two languages, then they would of course translate into and out of those two languages equally well. This is very, very rarely the case, and the sign of either a one-man staff or a sloppy agency.

  • They have no reviews or won’t provide references.

A good agency is happy to provide references and have former and current clients talk about how great they are. This is not an imposition and any agency that refuses to do so is giving off major warning signs.

High Quality Translation Services

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