Neuralink and Software Translations

Neuralink is an electronic device that will link humans directly to computers via a brain implant. The implantation procedure will be performed by robot doctors, and the Neuralink company itself was co-founded by  Elon Musk( who else?). Ultimately, the brain chip will allow individuals to use their thoughts to access the internet, communicate with anyone anywhere, and for all intents and purposes, become cyborgs.

Neuralink – Why Is It Being Developed?

The question of why this is being developed has a number of answers, ranging from admirable to alarming. It could help paraplegics use computers to communicate with loved ones.  It could also be humanity’s only chance at survival for the coming Artificial Intelligence revolt when we are forced to do battle with machines (this is actually Musk’s explanation, by the way).

When looked at from the standpoint of a software translation agency, a number of questions immediately come to mind – If we are to be communicating using just our thoughts, what language will this be in? Would this be a computer language or a human language? How is this going to be translated? And on a philosophical level, one might wonder – Is all language just a translation, and a rather constrictive one, of our thoughts themselves?

In Musk’s view, Neuralink will not only streamline the entire communicative process,  but will also do away with the need for language entirely, as thoughts, memories and emotions will be shared seamlessly with 100% accuracy. He believes that ultimately people will use spoken and written language solely for sentimental purposes, rather than any practical reason.

When will this supposedly take place? Elon says that Neuralink should be ready for the general public in five to ten years. Elon, however, says a lot of things. Currently the device is still being tested on animals (a monkey was able to play the videogame Pong using his thoughts), so this language-less world does not appear to be right on our doorstep just yet.

Reliable Software Translation Services

In the meantime, if you need the best translation possible in the traditional, non-brain implant way, you can count on the reliable translations services of APlus Translations.

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