Millennials, Gen Z and Gambling

What these generations love and don’t love about gambling

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To younger crowds, the traditional idea of going to a casino and feeding coins into a slot machine seems, well, pretty terrible. That’s not to say that these two demographics – which extend from roughly legal gambling age to their id-‘30s – don’t like to gamble. The success of online poker and legal sports betting can attest to that. These two generations just want to try their luck a little differently.

The traditional coming-of-age trip to Vegas or Monte Carlo still exists, but younger crowds aren’t doing it the same way. These generations value social experiences, so they’re visiting these sites for the bistros, the clubs and the hotel spas. They want experiences they can share online, and taking pics on the casino floor has traditionally been a big no-no. So while a group of friends might still take a trip to Vegas and may even place a few bets on the roulette wheel, they’re really not there to gamble. They’re there to have a good time, and the games themselves are a small part of that.

So if these generations aren’t gambling much at traditional casinos themselves, then they must have just migrated online, right? Having been raised on video games and memes, the success of online gambling was seen as pretty much a sure bet for younger generations. Throw in a global quarantine where everyone was desperate for online entertainment, and you had easy money, right? Not exactly. The average age of online gamblers is actually older than these two demographics.

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The exact reasons igaming hasn’t exploded as anticipated with the younger crowd are debated, but there are two main reasons. First off, gambling money is typically (hopefully!) disposable income. And having lived through multiple global crises and rising inflation, younger earners aren’t exactly anxious to throw their money unless they feel they’re really getting something out of it. Secondly, it’s precisely because they have grown up with mobile games that they aren’t
rushing to online casinos. They can get a lot of that same thrill through video game consoles, online play, and their mobile phones.

Nevertheless, savvy game developers have started adjusting their offerings to meet this unique age group. With a heavy focus on online play, producers are concentrating on gambling apps with social components, while also ditching stale graphics and sounds to create a more immersive gambling experience that’s more like the digital worlds users have grown up in. If you want to make sure your online gaming translation doesn’t go bust, contact a trusted gaming
translation company APlus Translations

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