APlus Translation Agency: Letting People Shine

I have run APlus Translation Agency for over 15 years. I don’t have an MBA. I never formally studied any aspect of business. Running a company, hiring and working with people has been an instinctive exercise for me. And one that has taught me a very important lesson. And that is, that when you head an organization, no matter its size, it is important to have good people around you and, most importantly, to heed their feedback. I repeat. It is not enough to just hire excellent talent. You then need to give them the arena to shine. I have found that this has multifold benefits.

For one, the company can make better decisions. Your staff is likely to possess a versatility of experience and background. When you open up a dialogue and invite feedback from your employees, you are essentially inviting expertise from all these various areas. Your employees also have a different perspective of the company. Perhaps some of them are more in touch with the technical trends related to your industry. Others may have better sense of what your customer’ evolving needs are. If they have an opportunity to express these diverse viewpoints, any company head can then have a broader scope of information on which to base their final decisions.

As well, by allowing your employees to participate in decision-making, you are giving them an opportunity to feel like an important and respected part of the organization. If you take someone’s feedback into account and apply it in a company decision, that person now has a vested interest in the outcome of that action. They care more about the company.

And quite frankly, it is much easier to carry the load of management when you know you have people who support you and care about your company.

One of my employees taught me this saying, which I love, “When You Are the Smartest Person in the Room, You Are in the Wrong Room.” Well, when I am with my employees, I definitely know I am in the right room.

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